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A specially formulated, two component polymer based multi-purpose coating system designed for application to a wide variety of common building substrates such as concrete, brickwork, asphalt and metal etc.


Crosscote has excellent adhesive characteristics and can be applied to many types of exposed structures where resistance to adverse environmental conditions and ultra violet light is required.
Crosscote is capable of accepting normal structural movement without cracking or loosening.  Although providing good waterproofing qualities the product is micro-porous and therefore allows a cement type base to breathe, releasing entrapped water vapour.
Crosscote is available in a variety of formats allowing the correct choice of powder compound to suit individual application requirements such as Silos, viaducts, pylons, bridge structures, walkways, stadium
terracing and concourses, vehicle parking decks and ramps.

Crosscote is supplied in the standard colours of grey and white


Crosscote Liquid is a water based latex emulsion and is not considered harmful to the environment.
Crosscote Powder contains cement and fine dust particles. Always wear protective clothing and equipment
In all cases spillages or skin contamination should be cleared as soon as possible by dry wiping the affected area and then thoroughly washing with soap and water.
Further safety information may be obtained from Material Safety Data Sheet Ref: MSDS – 01C.

Crosscote should not be applied in wet conditions or where such conditions are likely to occur before the coating has dried. Dry or porous substrates may be damped or primed prior to application but horizontal surfaces must be free of standing water. Crosscote should not be applied where the air or background temperature is likely to fall below 7°C.

All surfaces to receive Crosscote should be free from laitance and contamination, clean and structurally sound.
Crosscote may be applied by brush, roller, trowel, squeegee or airless spray. Each succeeding coat may be applied immediately the previous coat has dried.
Crosscote can be finished with a variety of textures and patterns to suit individual site requirements.

Full Product Description Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheets:-

download crosscote PDSDownload Crosscote PDS
download crosscote msds_pdfDownload Crosscote MSDS
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