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A specially formulated, two component polymer based cement mortar screed system designed to provide excellent adhesion to clean sound concrete surfaces.



Polyscreed is typically used as a smoothing and resurfacing compound for concrete floors and is an ideal underlayment for Crosscote and many other types of resin bound flooring systems and a wide variety of coatings. It is also suitable as an underlayment for other types of floor finishes such as carpet and carpet tiles, sheet vinyl, laminate flooring and ceramic tiles etc.
The mix ratio of the Polymer Liquid Catalyst and the pre blended aggregate fillers may be varied to suit the application conditions of each installation thus allowing the system to be laid to slopes when required to improve surface profiles where improved drainage to channels and gullies is required.
Polyscreed can be laid to any thickness up to 75mm in one application and when the Fine Grade Powder is used down to a feather edge finish.

The formulation of Polyscreed shows a vastly improved resistance to water, this is achieved by the action of the Polyscreed Liquid Catalyst creating a more impermeable and dense surface


Polyscreed Liquid is a water based latex emulsion and is not considered harmful to the environment.
Polyscreed Powder contains cement and fine dust particles. Always wear protective clothing and equipment
In all cases spillages or skin contamination should be cleared as soon as possible by dry wiping the affected area and then thoroughly washing with soap and water.
Further safety information may be obtained from Material Safety Data Sheet Ref: MSDS – 03C.


All surfaces to receive Polyscreed should be free from laitance and contamination, clean and structurally sound.



Polyscreed should not be applied in wet conditions or where such conditions are likely to occur before the mix has dried. Dry or porous substrates may be damped and must be primed immediately prior to the application. Horizontal surfaces must be free of standing water.  Polyscreed should not be applied where the air or background temperature is likely to fall below 7°C


Polyscreed is usually mixed in a Pan Type mixer in a ratio of 2.5/3.0 litre of liquid to 25 kgs of powder and generally applied by straightedge and trowel. The mixture may be applied to the desired thickness in one operation up to 75mm. Polyscreed is usually finished with a flat steel trowel to produce a smooth dense surface that may be used for traffic or an underlayment to receive a final finishing material.



Typical yield from a standard mix comprising 2.5/3.0 litres of Liquid and 25 kgs of powder is 2m2 @ 6mm thickness.

Full Product Discription Sheet and Material Saftety Data Sheets:-

download crosscote PDSDownload Polyscreed PDS
download crosscote msds_pdfDownload Polyscreed MSDS